A Liturgy for Those Who Lament the Twisting of The Word of God

Inspiration: Psalm 12

Lord, have you not beheld the sons of men?

Hear our urgent cry; save us!

The faithful proclaimers of Your Word are vanishing.

Our preachers speak emptiness and flattery.

Their clever words are contrived to justify their evil passions,

To fill their pockets,

To puff their pride, and to make them feel worthy

As saviors of the poor and oppressed.

But only You are Worthy Lord

Of the praise due to a Savior. 

Cut off the tongues that blaspheme Your Word

And the prideful utterances of the wicked. 

“With our tongues we will prevail,” they shout,

“We shall drain the seas, 

Crumble the mountains, 

And assert the truth we define.

For our love is stronger than Love Himself.”

No, they shall not prevail against the Love of God.

You will arise with mighty salvation. 

You will respond to the cries of the oppressed. 

We know you will, Lord, for You have spoken

And your Word is faithful. 

It shall be preserved in the tempest, 

Refined and ever-brighter in the dark. 

Though twisted and hacked in fiendish imitation,

The Pure Diamond will remain unscathed in this generation.

Thus far, It has endured.

It shall never be lost. 

Whose hand shall accomplish all?

Not ours, O Lord,

But Your Mighty Hand.

And today, 

As we lament the exaltation of vileness,

We shall not tremble 

Before the prowling Enemy or his servants.

“Every Word of God is pure

It is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him.”

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