College Firsts

Rest assured that I am still alive.

I am currently adjusting to my new college schedule, which means that today’s post consists of brief fragments from my journal. Thank you for your patience!

First Morning:

It turns out that the friendly asterisk on the bottom of my freshman orientation schedule was a misprint. The cadence run was NOT optional. At least, that’s what Chief Rogers told us. So early Monday morning, myself and four other bleary-eyed representatives of the Upper West Wing found ourselves chanting and jogging alongside football players as we circled the campus in six semi-orderly files.

We could run this way all the way to D. C!

When we get there Biden will say

“How’d you get to D. C. in just one day?”

As is usual for me when I run, I sounded like a dying moose. But that didn’t stop me from participating in the push-up drill at the Civil War statue.

First Lunch

Tightly clutching a plate of salad, I nervously scanned the crowded dining hall, hoping to spot a familiar face. Upon catching sight of Faith, I waved her over and we sat down together at a half-empty table. To our chagrin, we quickly realized that we had crashed a gathering of upperclassmen. The students were accommodating and polite, but we were obviously putting a damper on their conversation.

If that wasn’t awkward enough, who should sit down across from us but the college president himself —a man famous for terrifying new students with deep questions such as, “What is the good?” or “Why are you really here?”

“They’re freshmen,” one student whispered to him.


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