Vulnerability of a Learner

I cannot count the times my professors have said something to the effect of: “Learning means letting go of something you thought you already knew.” That being the case, I am quickly discovering that in order to learn, I must be vulnerable.

It’s a frightening neccesity, this opening of my mind. I hold my presuppositions loosely and evaluate their truthfulness. Like a child tasting a new vegetable, I squeeze my eyes shut, hold my nose, and tentatively chew the foreign morsel.

Will it poison me?

In the majority of cases, the answer is “No.” I am growing to love the depth of the conservations, the challenge of knowing what and why I believe. However, college indoctrination is real, even here.

I thank my God that when my history class examines Samuel as a manipulative politician, Saul as a misunderstood hero, and David as a guilt-ridden usurper, my amazing new church family is there to pull me back to trusting in the infallible sovereignty of God.

I thank my God that when I fall for the false peace of disguised idolatry, I am guided to the resources I need to help identify and combat the temptation.

I thank my God for his protection and providence, and I thank my brothers and sisters in Christ for their prayers. The fruit is already ripening. Please continue to plant.


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