Your Thoughts, Please

Hello, dear readers!

As I continue to develop Reflections from Brightfield, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on how I can bless you best. Please leave a comment answering the questions below, then stay tuned for a new post next week!

  1. Which post categories do you most enjoy reading? (Memoir, Poetry, Reflections, Liturgy)
  2. Do you prefer long essay-like writings, or shorter informal snippets?
  3. How frequently would you like to hear from me? Is once a week too much? Too little?
  4. Do you prefer reading about current experiences, memories, or both?
  5. Any other recommendations?

Many Thanks,


4 thoughts on “Your Thoughts, Please

  1. I enjoy reading all the types and I encourage you to mix it up.

    As far as length I honk that depends on the frequency of your posts. The more often the shorter they would be. Longer if they are shared less frequently.

    Once a week is great, I have enjoyed your posts. I understand life can get in the way though. Write as often you can and able.

    Current experiences and how they connect to the past/future make it easier to know how to pray for you in the here and now.

    Keep up the great work. God has great things ahead!


  2. I love reading all of your reflections. I have never been a writer and love to read people that are! Being a retired person I have time to enjoy all of your writings.
    May God continue to bless you in your new adventures. I love watching you grow in Him.


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