Time Stands Still

Dear Friends,

Today marks two milestones: 25 posts and 50 subscribers! Thank you all for reading and for encouraging me along this journey.



Some things never change.
Alejandro waves,
"It's good to see you,"
And promptly trips over a chair.
The same old arguments,
The same country roads,
Become phantoms of my former life
Swirling above a graveyard that was Brightfield.
I’m not at home here anymore.
But was I ever really?
My 12-year-old self
Swinging on the trapeze
Singing love songs only to her Maker
Didn’t know He made humans who could help heal her.
The trapeze tree is just a plot of dirt now
And those songs ceased to console
When the artist let me down.
No longer do I lie awake,
Hoping for a friend’s existence.
I’ve met you,
But now I’m even more wounded than before
Because you’re gone.
The tip of my tongue is heavy
With memories and dreams
That she cannot understand.
I know she wants to help, 
But how can she?
We both fear the knowledge 
There are worlds we can never share. 

I clock in at work.
Looking around I realize
We are all in the same boat 
Hoping busyness will dull our pain
And I cannot reach out to save them
Because now I'm sinking in the same waters.
Familiarity sits across from me.
Once again her veil is removed
By a child's hand.
Suddenly, she's beautiful.
Oh, searing, glorious, mystery!
The same truths are illuminated:
Christ is mine forevermore
I am not of this world
And I will see you again.
Lord Christ, have mercy.
Rule this renewed soul.
Teach me to number my days,
To be still and know,
And to rejoice always,
Treasuring the secret of contentment.
You have made Your home in me. 


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