O! How Thy Worth, Magnesium, I Sing!

In case my last couple of posts were too *ahem* melancholy, here’s some health class humor. Thanks to Mrs. Pagel for encouraging my creativity. Now, if only I could convince my college professors to let me write sonnets instead of essays and class presentations!

"Magnesium the mineral, tis true,
Thy protein, bones, and DNA doth make.
Regulation for thy muscle tissue
Inside a freshly blended spinach shake.
If thou the greenish good find ill of taste,
Seek thou legumes, nuts, seeds, milk and whole grains.
Let foods high in magnesium be placed
Upon thy plate. Let power flow through thy veins!
But if this sonnet effect hath not made,
And thou chooseth the path to deep-fried food,
Thy folly with much ailment must be paid.
Be wise; choose that which hath more magnitude.
Yea, this enlightened poet now doth say,
‘Eat thou magnesium this very day!"

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